McNeil Global Law is a law firm based in Minneapolis that provides  general legal advice to businesses in the fields of international transactions (including licenses, sales, leases, purchases, franchises, and relevant government regulations) and structures (including branch offices, subsidiaries, joint ventures, agency relationships, distributorships, and mergers and acquisitions). McNeil Global Law also works with clients from abroad who wish to establish, carry on, or terminate business in or with any part of the United States.

A graduate of Harvard Law School and Duke University, P7-MarkMcNeil BW scwith studies in Germany and Japan, owner and sole practitioner Mark McNeil founded McNeil Global Law in January of 2014. Prior to this, Mr. McNeil served as the head of the international practice of Lindquist & Vennum, a large firm located in the states of Minnesota, Colorado, and South Dakota, and he was also a senior member of the firm’s mergers and acquisitions practice group for over 15 years. Prior to joining Lindquist & Vennum, Mr. McNeil spent seven years on the legal staff of Medtronic, Inc., and 10 years at world-leading supercomputer company Cray Research, Inc., where he worked on the legal aspects of international licensing, distribution, sales, financing, and leasing, as well as the planning and revising of corporate structures. Before coming to Minnesota he had practiced with a firm in downtown San Francisco and consulted at law firms in Osaka, Japan, while working at Kyoto University and the Kyoto Comparative Law Center.  

Mr. McNeil has traveled extensively for his work and has lived in Germany, France, and Japan. He speaks and reads German and French, has negotiated in Japanese, has a working knowledge of Spanish and Italian, and is active in international business groups. He has negotiated contracts with parties in Japan, Korea, China, Western Europe, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and the Pacific Rim and has assisted clients with transactions in numerous other countries.

• Represented  Minnesota companies in forming manufacturing and sales joint ventures in China
• Represented a Wisconsin company in establishing an international distribution network and protecting its trademark outside the United States
• Assisted a Chinese company in restructuring its presence in the U.S. through acquisition and reorganization
• Assisted a Minnesota corporation in creating companies for manufacture in Singapore and China
• Assisted an Italian company in its acquisitions of several U.S. companies
• Advised and assisted a U.S. company in recovering over $1,000,000 of improperly charged duties in the Netherlands
• Assisted U.S. companies in acquiring and divesting themselves of companies in China, Canada, Latin America and elsewhere, and assisted companies outside the U.S. with acquisitions, incorporation, or investment inside and outside the U.S.
• Assisted a company in creating a licensing plan for its software outside the United States
• Represented a Minnesota manufacturer in actions with U.S. Customs and the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to remove improperly applied U.S. import duties and reverse a seizure by Customs
• Represented a Minnesota-based national producer of consumer goods establish manufacturing arrangements and domestic and foreign sales, while protecting its designs and trademarks
• Represented a Minnesota company in its entry into the Canadian and European markets
• Assisted a Minnesota company in creating a Joint Venture in Japan
• Assisted a commercial products company in entering the South American market
• Assisted a high-tech manufacturer in establishing an import/export compliance program
• Advised numerous companies on establishment of compliance programs for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the U.S. antiboycott laws
• Represented a manufacturer of scientific laboratory equipment in developing a manufacturing and sales joint venture with a Chinese producer and distributor
• Represented a U.S. company in establishing and implementing letter of credit requirements for payments from potentially unreliable buyers
• Represented a Midwest engineering company in providing services for establishment of a processing plant in Ukraine
• Represented a U.S. company in the sale of high-tech products and backup services to Russia, China, Poland, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries, including planning and compliance issues and contractual matters for local subsidiaries and trading partners