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McNeil Global Law can help your company comply, potentially avoiding or reducing criminal liability. See compliance section below.

As noted in the summary of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) on this site (to read this article click here), the Department of Justice has announced that, in the event of unintended violations, it will consider as mitigating factors for penalties such matters as a company's history of attempted compliance, the seriousness of those attempts, and the involvement of outside advisers.  

Mark McNeil has worked with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States for over three decades and continues to advise clients actively on questions of compliance and prevention.  He has written policies and compliance plans for many companies, including among others Medtronic, Inc., and Cray Research, Inc., and has presented educational and training seminars for employees, managers, and officers in the headquarters of client companies and in regional centers around the world.  He has worked "in the trenches" in issues of compliance and has presented company-centered programs also by webinar when attendance by widely dispersed managers and employees has been an issue.  

McNeil Global Law offers, for a unit price of $2,500, the following package, with variants listed below:

    • Written policy for adoption by the company
    • Board resolution for adoption of the policy
    • Executive summary of the FCPA for officers and directors
    • Detailed presentation of the FCPA to be used as a reference
    • Training of one group of people (selected by client organization) for 2 hours, with Q&A
    • Templates for compliance certification

Costs and smaller additional fees apply for:

    • Travel outside the Twin Cities area
    • Additional training sessions